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My Perfect Weekend in Paris

The Team August 13th, 2015
ROSS BED (cropped)

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris

I was lucky enough to get taken to the romantic city of Paris this month for the very first time, and what can I say – I’m in love! From the visually stunning buildings, to the lavish food I was truly spoilt so I thought I would share a my best bits with you! 

Bon appetite…

I adore my food so what better way to enjoy it than at the famous Dans Le Noir Restaurant in the pitch dark! Yes that’s right I had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic venue located in the centre of Paris between between Les Halles and Beaubourg, close to Notre Dame and the Louvre.


Dans Le Noir, Paris

The first thing you notice after walking in is that for the whole experience you will be guided and served by visually impaired employees. After being seated (well I think it was a seat I was sitting on) we received some nibbles, to which was pretty challenging trying to navigate my hands round the table ensuring I wasn’t knocking anything over or worse….touching someone else’s hand! Not long after we had the pleasure of tasting our main’s, with the waiter shouting out our names to locate us. It was a complete mystery as to what it was, but I didn’t care as it was delicious! However I couldn’t quite manage the skilled task of mastering the cutlery in the dark so I opted for my French baguette as a scoop (no one was watching!). The menu consisted of three course, all of which were beautiful and at the end they show you exactly what was in each course – I think I did quite well at guessing the ingredients. By far one of the best group experiences in a restaurant I have ever had!

The real deal…

Eiffel Tower 3

Eiffel Tower view from my room, Paris

Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time was by far the highlight of my trip, constantly gazing at it from pictures – now there it was right in front of me! Unfortunately the queues to climb up were extremely long as I didn’t time it very well, so I opted for numerous selfies with it in the background instead – well it is the main attraction after all! The atmosphere that surrounded the tower on the ground was great so I didn’t mind at all, I grabbed an ice cream and sat on the grass watching the world go by in the beautiful sunshine.

Bye bye bank balance…


My favourite – Macaroons, Paris

I managed to squeeze in some well needed retail therapy one afternoon – and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. My head was constantly pressed up against the glass of all the beautiful French designer shop windows, it really was credit card heaven! However my eyes and bank balance were more drawn to the huge signs that stated – VENTE aka SALE where I picked up a handful of high street bargains in their summer clear-outs. Not forgetting I grabbed a box of the most colourful Parisian Macaroons on the way back to the hotel to bring back to the office, safe to say they didn’t even last ten minutes (sorry team)!

Easy peasy…

Metro Line

Metropolitain, Paris

When I first glanced at the metro map that looks like a bowl of rainbow spaghetti, doubting that I would ever get my head around this system. However after less than half a day I was a self-confessed pro and after the first few journeys you soon realise that’s it’s not so complicated. It really is a fantastically easy to use and beyond affordable, not forgetting it’s the fastest way of getting around Paris. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the cleanest or most up to date of undergrounds that I have used but definitely one of the most efficient and reliable I have used.

Take me back!

Group Shot

The whole group, Notre Dam, Paris

For me Paris was incredible – I loved every minute! It has plenty to offer, whether you are a fashionista looking for a shopping spree or more of a history buff visiting museums – it really does leave you with an accomplished feeling and itching to stay that extra night!

Overall my favourite thing about Paris is the amazing café culture. The food and wine on offer is truly exquisite, making it very difficult to choose from all of the extensive menus. My top tip would be to veer off the beaten track to get a real authentic experience and for a fraction of the cost.

I would recommend Paris to everyone and anyone after such a perfect weekend away – a beautiful city just waiting to be explored on our door step!

To find out more about a city break to Paris breaks, give me (Ross) a call on 0131 243 8098 or request a tailor-made itinerary online.


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      I’ve always been in love in with Paris.
      It’s really a great country with a great culture.

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