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Lisa Mackinnon, Senior Short Break Specialist

"Frankfurt’s diverse setting of skyscrapers and wooden buildings represent the contrasts within the city, an exciting destination of old meets new, perfect for sightseers, fun-lovers and travel enthusiasts. What I love about the city the most is the thriving area by the river, it is stylish, it is bustling and it’s full of bars, restaurants and there’s even a garden. I always make sure to visit the riverside on a Saturday, because it is transformed into a flea market, a great place for finding unique souvenirs to bring back home!"

Frankfurt at a glance

Recognised as Europe’s financial center, Frankfurt is a vibrant city with not only a rich economy but also a thriving cultural scene. Well preserved historical sites and museums contrast with a modern skyline boasting some of the tallest buildings in Europe, while a host of museums, gardens and events, including the world’s largest book fair and motor show, make Frankfurt a popular destination.

Early Roman occupation led to Frankfurt notably becoming one of the most important cities in the Holy Roman Empire. During World War II the city endured numerous bombardments and much of its historic medieval centre was destroyed. Reconstruction after the war gave the city a new, simplistic style more in line with the modern era.

Offering world-class entertainment, stunning architecture, and a booming nightlife, it’s easy to see why this self-proclaimed ‘Manhattan’ is one of Europe’s top destinations not to be missed.

Perfect if you’re looking for:

  • A bustling city break
  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Arts and culture

Getting around

Frankfurt offers both a U-Bahn (city rail system) and S-Bahn (suburban rail system). Tickets must be purchased from a machine before boarding and range in length from single up to weekly passes. Fare prices are based on the number of zones you plan to travel through. For unlimited travel and discounts at many of the city’s museums, a Frankfurt Card is a great option for hassle free travel.

Dining in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s gastronomy offers up a pleasingly loyal fare of traditional Hessian cuisine synonymous with the Bavarian region.  A focus on sour flavors is prominent, with some of the local favorites including sauerkraut and a soured cheese known as Handkäse. Be sure to try a glass of Ebbelwei, the city’s own version of apple cider.

Must-try local dishes:

  • Frankfurter Wuerstchen – sausage served with mustard on a roll
  • Grüne Sosse – a heavy green sauce consisting of parsley, dill, chives and a number of other herbs mixed with sour cream or quark and often served with boiled eggs or brisket
  • Bethmännchen – marzipan filled biscuits covered with almond slices

Nightlife in Frankfurt

Despite its reputation as a business mecca, Frankfurters know how to have a good time. The city’s nightlife offers an animated array of clubs, bars, pubs, and speakeasies. Join one of the city’s biggest partys at King Kamenhameha Club which plays host to prominent DJ’s and offers an intimate bar area in addition to a lively dance hall or take your bar experience to a whole new level at the elite Apartment, with its different themed rooms evoking a ‘feel at home’ atmosphere. 

There is also a great range of theatrical shows and performances offered throughout the city, including contemporary and classical drama as well as ballet, opera, and live musical performances. 

Get your tailor-made city break itinerary

Osprey Holidays can create a fabulous short break to Frankfurt designed completely around your needs. We can arrange whatever you need, including:

  • All travel and transfers on days of your choice 
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Important information
Population 687,775
Languages German
Currency Euro
Visa Information No visa required for UK citizens
Average temperatures

(monthly highs °C)

Distance from airports
Frankfurt Airport 12 km
Railway stations
Frankfurt Central Station

Tours and Excursions 

Frankfurt Walking Tour

Explore the historical city of Frankfurt at a leisurely pace with a local guide.  Admire the beautiful Baroque architecture and reconstructed buildings from the middle ages as you pass Frankfurt Cathedral, Haus Wertheym and the Old Jewish Cemetery. 

Heidelberg Half-Day Trip 

Considered one of Germany’s most beautiful cities, Heidelberg is situated 50 miles south of Frankfurt on the River Neckar. During this half-day tour you will explore the ruins at Heidelberg Castle, admire the Renaissance buildings of the Old Town and see the famous Karl Theodor Bridge.        


We would be happy to arrange an excursion for you. To discuss options with a member of our knowledgeable team or to book, please contact us on 0131 243 8098.