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Hotel Da Vinci Overview

Situated in the Parisian district Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Da Vinci Hotel is ideally located for an easy access to many restaurants, elegant boutiques, as well as art galleries that enrich the cultural charm of this district. You can easily walk to the Louvre Museum across the river bank if you wish to admire the most famous artwork of Leonardo da Vinci: the Mona Lisa.

The rooms of the Da Vinci Hotel celebrate the savoir-faire of the famous and talented Leonardo da Vinci. Each room revisits a facet of the artist and inventor with decorations based on his most well-known works or drafts. Now you can immerse yourself in his world by staying at the Da Vinci Hotel.

Between bubbles and subdued light, the spa of the Da Vinci Hotel invites you to relax and enjoy a moment of pure pleasure in its hydromassage jet pool and to unwind under the expert hands of professional masseurs.


  • Cafe
  • Spa
  • WiFi